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About Evolve Innate Health

Our Purpose

Our purpose at Evolve Innate Health is to educate people about holistic health, provide the healing they need for body, mind and spirit, and give back to the community.

We are a vibrant chiropractic and healing modalities practice. We’re the place to come when you are looking for heart-centred, experienced and professional healthcare for you and your family. We provide gentle or manual chiropractic care for families, kinesiology, Reiki, massage, health products and wellness workshops.

Our vision is to create a happier and more vitalistic community of people who can make healthy choices for themselves and their families. We stock practitioner-only vitamins and minerals and provide information and advice as needed.

Since we opened in 2011, we have grown into a hub for people seeking greater health, healing, support, community and more. To be able to provide an exciting assortment of different modalities under the same roof means that we can offer genuine hands-on healthcare, and quality time with our clients both at reception and within the consultation.

Meet Jodie and Fiona

Jodie Leworthy and Fiona Denny were both long-time patients at Evolve Innate Health, seeking holistic care here while going through breast cancer treatments. Jodie’s son, who is autistic and had other health issues as well, also received care here that helped him overcome life-long infections.

When the previous owner, Jo, decided to sell, she didn’t want the heart and intent of the practice to change. She hand-selected Fiona and Jodie to take over the practice because she knew they were passionate about our body, mind and spirit approach to care and were committed to giving back.

Jodie and Fiona took over the practice in 2021, and you can find one of them (or Jodie’s sister Cassie or Kim H) at our reception desk. Having been patients just like you, they can empathise with your desire for care that heals naturally and holistically.

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