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Meet the Team at Evolve Innate Health

Dr Nyree Osborne, Chiropractor

Dr. Nyree OsborneDr Nyree Osborne is a 2013 RMIT—Bundoora graduate and specialises in getting your nerves to communicate with the rest of your body to stimulate proper organ function. She approaches the body holistically, checking the entire nervous system in every session and adjusting what your body feels like it needs at that appointment.

She does this using a blend of Sacro-Occipital Technique, Soft Tissue Orthopaedics (STO), Rapid Release Technology (RRT) and kinesiology. Dr Nyree is a mostly non-manual chiropractor, and the techniques she uses are very gentle and don’t produce the traditional “cracking” actions.

Born and bred in Mornington Peninsula, Dr Nyree grew up in Langwarrin for most of her life. After working in Rural QLD, treating the local farmers and residents for some time, she took a break from chiropractic to travel before coming home again—re-energised and excited to help patients.

Dr Nyree loves using low force techniques to get the nerves communicating, and is constantly amazed at how well the body heals itself with a little help from an activator or set of blocks. She is also excited to introduce her electric activator to the practice. Because of the nature of low force adjusting, her technique is perfect for patients of all ages—she adjusts patients from the age of three on up.

Dr Nyree is passionate about helping her patients achieve the best version of themselves and feels so blessed to be a part of that journey. She is excited to help you reach your personal health goals.


Dr Kim Kennedy, Chiropractor

Dr. Kim KennedyDr Kim Kennedy graduated from RMIT in 2000 with a B.App.Sc in Clinical Science and a B.C.Sc. in Chiropractic. Since then, she has worked as an associate in clinics throughout Melbourne, Queensland and rural Victoria. Dr Kim was the original owner of Carrum Chiropractic before selling the practice to spend more time with her growing family.

Dr Kim has a passion for working with families and has completed postgraduate studies in paediatrics and antenatal chiropractic. As a junior, Kim represented Victoria in netball and was also heavily involved in athletics and dance. This background in sport sparked her interest in biomechanics and all things health.

Kim now lives locally with her husband and three active boys and enjoys being able to share her chiropractic knowledge and passion for living a healthy lifestyle with patients of all ages.


Dr Nicola Steward, Chiropractor

Dr. Nicola StewardDr Nicola is passionate about health, recovery and helping to raise people to their magnificent potential. Having suffered illness herself and experiencing so many different treatments, she understands how frustrating the search can be and the relief when you finally realise you’re in the right place.

She has a keen interest in women’s health, hormones and stress. She uses gentle techniques to work with your body, finding and unlocking stored tension using Network Spinal Chiropractic (previously NSA). She believes chiropractic can provide life-changing benefits and is often blown away at the amazing results clients experience.

Dr Nicola has worked in Chiropractic since 2012 in both Melbourne and Sydney, as well as volunteering as a chiropractor in Mumbai, India and a health educator in Zambia. She owned her own practice—coincidentally named Evolve as well—before starting her family and returning home to the Mornington Peninsula.

When not at work, Nicola is chasing after two young daughters, attempting to grow food in her permaculture garden and occasionally going on adventures such as camping, diving or competing in a triathlon.


Dr Clancy Smart-D’Ettorre, Chiropractor

Dr Clancy Smart-D'EttorreDr. Clancy is certified with the Australian board of Chiropractic. He graduated from RMIT Melbourne with a Double Bachelor in Health Science and Applied Science (Chiropractic), with an outstanding achievement for his work in his final year. Clancy has always had a special interest in health, and particularly in modalities that allow the body to heal naturally.

He believes that the most important factors in helping patients is through a concise diagnosis, an open dialogue and a caring heart. Clancy employs a wide range of treatment modalities to fit the needs of his patients. He is ready to adapt his care to the individual and is always on the search for new skills and backed treatment methods that will assist him with his work.

Clancy is continually striving for greater knowledge, taking a focused interest in the underlying biomechanical, neurological, and functional systems of the human body. He is certified with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) for golf injury management, functional assessment and rehabilitation, and is currently undergoing further training in Sports Chiropractic.


Samantha Hallpike

Samantha Hallpike, Transformational Therapist

Samantha offers Holistic Living Counselling, Intuitive Healing, Reiki, Massage, and Sound and Thought Field Therapy as a complete framework for Inner Healing. As every journey is different, you can choose the exact treatment that you need or combine them in a Transformation Session.

You are only one treatment away from making positive change in your life! For more information please visit Samantha’s website here.


Jodie Leworthy and Fiona Denny, Owners/Receptionists/Behind the Scenes Support

Owners outside practiceFiona and Jodie were both patients at Evolve Innate Health, getting holistic care for physical, emotional and spiritual support while undergoing breast cancer treatments. Their own results and the community of patients they encountered here inspired their passion for our approach to care. When the opportunity arose to take over the practice, Jodie and Fiona saw it as their mission to provide an oasis of natural, holistic healthcare that could help others in the way it had helped them.

From the products they choose to sell, to arranging care for patients who can’t afford it, they are singularly motivated to provide benefits to the families who come to us for care.

Jodie and Fiona staff our reception desk, along with Cassie (Jodie’s sister) and Kim H. They are interested in getting to know each of our patients and continuing to build a practice centred on patient wellness.

Away from the office, you can usually find Jodie occupied with her kids’ sports—especially BMX racing. Fiona enjoys Pilates, paddle boarding and being a mum to her two kids. Both women play a mean game of tennis!

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