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New Patients at Evolve Innate Health

When you enter our practice, our reception staff will greet you and make you feel right at home. As long-time patients of Evolve Innate Health and now the practice owners (as well as receptionists), they understand that your health and wellness are the keys to your quality of life, and they are committed to ensuring you receive the compassionate care you are looking for.

We are a family-centred practice, and we have a large play space for children. One of our owners, Jodie, has an autistic son and she revamped our play area to be more sensory-friendly, with a quiet space, a play space and a drawing space. We proudly display our patients’ artwork!

Ladies at reception desk

Your First Visit

You’ll fill out our new patient paperwork while our staff chats with you and gets to know you a bit. Then your chiropractor will take you to a private room. Depending on which of our four chiropractors you see and your specific needs and goals, your appointment will last between 30 and 50 minutes.

They’ll talk with you about your overall health, current issues and your goals for care. Our care is holistic, meaning we are interested in you as a whole person, so our chiropractors will take the time to find out how you’re doing emotionally and mentally as well as physically—everything is connected.

Then they’ll do a thorough physical examination, which will be tailored to your situation. Since each of our chiropractors specialises in different chiropractic methods, your examination and evaluation will vary depending on who you see. In most cases, you will receive a chiropractic adjustment or some other type of hands-on therapy at your first visit.

This initial visit is $110 for adults and $90 for children.

Transformational Therapy

If you have scheduled with our Transformational Therapist, your first visit will vary depending on the type of session you have selected. We will let you know when you book what to expect at your session.

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