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Paediatric Chiropractic at Evolve Innate Health

Evolve Innate Health is a family-centred practice, offering paediatric chiropractic care for newborns through teens. Chiropractic can assist with brain development and those critical motor skills; it can help keep the immune system healthy and much more. We love helping children enjoy optimal health!

Kids feel welcome the minute they walk into our practice. Our receptionists, are mums themselves. They created a large kids’ area to help kids relax and feel at ease. Since Jodie has an autistic son, their goal in creating the space was to make it a safe, sensory-friendly space for all of our paediatric patients—in addition to a play area, the space has a quiet area and an area for drawing. We love displaying the artwork our patients make!

Adjusting tiny baby

Providing Gentle Adjustments

It’s understandable to wonder how your little one will be adjusted. It’s nothing like those scary videos you see on YouTube! There’s a big difference in terms of how we adjust babies and children compared to adults. Our chiropractors are all trained in providing gentle care that’s appropriate for a child’s age, size and condition.

Since children’s spines are easy to adjust, we only need to use slight pressure on an area—about the pressure used to check a tomato for ripeness.

The Power of Natural Care

We believe that chiropractic care offers a gentle, effective and drug-free approach to children’s healthcare.

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